Spencer Hockey Club

Volunteer Training & Support

Spencer HC provides training and support for volunteers. We have a person, the Volunteer Co-ordinator, whose job is to make sure that all of our volunteers feel well supported in carrying out their chosen roles for the club.

Written Role Descriptions
All major volunteer roles have a written job description so that you know what it involves before you take it on, in terms of skills needed and time commitment.

Internal Courses
  • coach education evenings for all volunteer coaches and assistants (4 a season)
  • volunteer induction - for all new volunteers to the junior section (2 per season in Sep/ Oct)

For more information on Spencer courses contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator

External Courses

Spencer HC will reimburse the cost of external courses attended by Spencer members if they will be using their new skills for the benefit of the club for at least one whole season.

  • Coaching - England Hockey Level 1 Coaching award, Level 2 Coaching Award (50% subsidised by club)
  • Umpiring -Surrey Certificate, Level 1 in Umpiring
  • Sports Coach UK courses - Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Running Sport etc
  • First Aid for Sport courses - First Aid for Lifeisone provider that the club uses. Alternatively Wandsworth Council Sports Development Department, and Surrey Council Sports Development organise courses near our area

Spencer HC Volunteers and members are covered against public liability by the club's insurance policy as long as they are carrying on Club roles (can be on site or off site).

Professional coaches should have their own personal insurance cover. England Hockey and Sports Coach UK both have insurance schemes.

Club members coaching for organisations outside the Club even in a volunteer capacity (eg at schools, for London Youth Games) are NOT covered by the club's insurance. You must make sure you have your own personal cover. England Hockey and Sports Coach UK both have insurance schemes.