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H. Alan Smith

Spencer Hockey Club is sad to report that Honorary Vice-President H. Alan Smith has passed away.

Alan was always willing to help the club. He took up the post of Honorary Secretary from 1959-1966. This was a very important position (no emails or iPads in those days). He ensured everything was done quietly and efficiently. Alan had the ability in committee meetings to make sure we all concentrated on the matter in hand, his common sense was there for all to see.

Alan was elected vice-president for his contribution to the club in 1969. After his retirement he kept in touch attending special days, contributing financially and donated the Alan Smith Cup for the men's player of the year.

Richard Fowells: "When I joined Spencer Hockey Club 1959/1960 Alan was playing at fullback. He gave 100%, was very dependable and was able to read the game. He was always mindful of new young players making sure that they settled in as quickly as possible while giving them good advice and encouragement."

Alan will indeed be greatly missed.



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