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AGM agenda - May 2nd 19:30

Spencer Hockey Club Annual General Meeting preliminary agenda, 2nd May 2017

Documents to view from 7pm.

1. Welcome, 7.30 pm

1.1 Presentation of junior trophies
Alan Milne Trophy for Boys Player of the Season
Helen Williams Trophy for Girls Player of the Season
Panesar volunteer Cup
Gairns White Cup for Coach of the season
Lesley Gairns Trophy - for an outstanding player from the junior section playing in the senior section

1.2 Apologies for absence

1.3 President’s welcome

1.3 Matters arising from previous AGM and acceptance of previous AGM minutes


2. Season review
2.1 Junior Section Review – provided by Junior Committee

2.2 Chairman’s Review

2.3 Senior Section Review by Club Captains


3. Motions
3.1 Captains Charter and rebate of subscription payments for Senior team captains
Motion: To introduce a Captains Charter and approve a rebate of subscription payments for Senior team captains who adhere to it fully
Proposed: Paul Stark Seconded: Dan Radley

4. To receive reports and accounts covering the past season and approve budget for 2015/16.
4.1. Presentation of Treasurer's reports and accounts
Motion: To approve the above accounts
Proposed: Nick Chouksey Seconded: Simon Marsh

4.2. Presentation of budget plans for 2016/17
Motion: To approve the budget
Proposed: Nick Chouksey Seconded: Simon Marsh

4.3 Agree combined membership and match fees for the forthcoming season
Motion: To approve the revised budget and adult subscription rates:
Proposed: Nick Chouksey Seconded: Simon Marsh

4.4 Agree Junior subscription rates
Motion: To approve the Junior subscription rates:
Proposed: Marcia Gurney-Champion Seconded: Simon Marsh


5. Appointment of an official accounts reviewer
Motion: To elect Alison Rose to review the financial accounts of Spencer Hockey Club
Proposed: Nick Chouksey Seconded: Simon Marsh


6. Appointment of officers to the Spencer Hockey Club committee

6.1 Appointment of new officers
6.2 Approval of continuing officers
6.3 Approval of interim officers

7. To endorse other posts/key club roles
7.1 Captains
7.2 Junior Committee and Other Roles
7.3 Proposed resolutions

8. Presentation of awards
Presentation of trophies awarded by leagues
Women’s player of the year
Men’s player of the year
London League Team of the Year
Most Improved Team
John Davis Salver (Team of the Year)
Frank Grover (outstanding contribution to Spencer Club)


9. Any other business by permission of the Chairman



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