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Some serious points - please read

Right. Couple of serious points to make I’m afraid:

Unfortunately, a few players have had belongings nicked from the changing rooms at Fieldview in the last couple of weeks. This has been a sporadic problem over the last few years both at Fieldview and at Battersea Park.

With public access and so many people coming and going it’s hard to tell if anyone looks out of place. Please don’t leave anything valuable in the changing rooms. If you are playing take any valuables with you to the pitch. Always best to leave them in the dugout for extra safety. Please make sure opposition players are also aware of this.

Locking up
The astro has been left unlocked a number of times in recent weeks. If you are last on at training or the last game of the day please ensure that the astro is left locked up. It might seem like a hassle, but it’s obviously much less of a hassle than the risk of the pitch being vandalised.

Cleaning up
Please make sure that when you leave the astro the only thing you leave is the scent of victory. This subtle scent does not include water bottles, orange peel, haribo wrappers etc.



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