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Leave nothing behind but the scent of victory


There’s no way to say this without seeming a bit prefect-y. But every so often it’s good to remind ourselves how we should treat where we play.

We’re incredibly lucky to have a great new pitch, but much like an occasional floor-drobe or leaving the washing up, it’s easy to let bad habits slip in.

Unfortunately, that’s started to happen at Fieldview. Just some basics, both for here and everywhere else we play:
-Brush off mud from your astros if you've been warming up on the grass.

-Start promptly so you don't delay the teams on after you

-No weeing anyone you shouldn’t (obviously, in the toilets is totally fair game)

-Nobody wants to be walking on broken glass, not even Annie Lennox. Always ask bar staff for plastic glasses– this one is non-negotiable, sadly the junior coaches have found broken glass pitch side in recent weeks. Luckily they found it before an accident happened.

-Take away any rubbish with you e.g. waterbottles and encourage your oppo to do the same.

-If you are last on please leave things tidy for the juniors - ideally do a sweep of anything not in the bins. 


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