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Money. money, money and a dodgy website - time to pay subs

As many of you will have seen we’re experiencing website gremlins that are causing issues with the Go-Cardless payment system. Unfortunately the coding problems aren’t yet fixed, so we will need to turn to old fashioned bank-transfers for payment until further notice.

The subs rates for the year are:

Full (Men’s 1-6, Spitfires Titans, Hurricanes & Vets, Women’s 1-6 )
£390 or 6 x £65

Low (Harlequins, Super Vets)
£320 or 6 x £53.34

Sapphires (a £10 per match fee is then applicable)

Grand Masters
£180 or 3 x £60

GK with own kit / member also coaching juniors or seniors as an unpaid volunteer

Social player membership (a £10 per match fee is then applicable)

Full time student (proof of ID required)
£195 or 6 x £32.50

Please send payment direct to the club at the following account:
Spencer Hockey Club
Account number: 50814628
Barclays Bank sort code: 20 90 69

Please make sure your payment reference includes your first initial, surname and team:
Women’s 1s – W1
Women’s 2s – W2
Women’s 3s – W3
Women’s 4s – W4
Women’s 5s – W5
Women’s 6s – W6
Women’s Sapphires – WS
Men’s 1s – M1
Men’s 2s – M2
Men’s 3s – M3
Men’s 4s – M4
Men’s 5s – M5
Men’s 6s – M6
Men’s Spitfires – MS
Men’s Hurricanes – Mhu
Men’s Titans – MT
Men’s Harlequins – Mha
Men’s Vets – MV
Men’s Super-vets – MSV
Men’s Grand Masters – MGM

Many thanks for your co-operation, and apologies for the inconvenience.



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