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Chairman's welcome

People of Spencer,

Welcome to the most successful season in our history... hopefully.

Last year, we were competitive at every level. Our elite men's and women's teams played some outstanding hockey at times. And with talented juniors starting to break into the senior squads, there are real grounds for optimism.

However, there are still barriers to our progress. It takes volunteers to run a club of this size and we’re increasingly stretched both on the junior and senior side of things.

A few people do a lot - I'd like to flip that so a lot do a little. To achieve our ambition of becoming the best community club in the country we need to pull together. So, if you can free up an hour or two a week for the club, please drop me a line at boo.hoo@talk21.com

It’s thanks to one of our volunteers, Richard Thompson, that we were able to run a smooth tender process and resurface our all-weather pitch at Fieldview over the summer.

This reminds me - please treat the new Hockey Gold Elite astroturf surface as if it was the carpet in your mum's front room. Remember to scrape any mud off your boots before you enter and take all your litter with you when you leave. Don't try to sneak your chihuahuas or labradoodles into the cage. And guys, no urinating on the side of the pitch or we’ll have to take disciplinary action.

The success of Britain's women at the recent Olympics showed the value of teamwork, preparation and a winning mentality. Let's demonstrate all of those qualities in the Flip-Cup tournament that follows tomorrow's opening round of league fixtures.

Good luck, be nice, win.

Dan Radley 


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