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It’s all about the money, money, money – we’re looking for a Treasurer

We are now looking for a volunteer to succeed Sandra Forbes as Honorary Treasurer, along with a small team to support that person.

If you are a Spencer hockey member or the parent of a junior member and have some experience of financial management, we'd love to talk to you.

If you can spare a few hours a month to offer and are interested in finding out more about the role, please do get in touch with Dan our Chairman for a chat. He’s on boo.hoo@talk21.com or 07905 520852.

Who would it suit?
Someone organised and outgoing who supports the aims of Spencer HC.
Although there's some serious money involved, you will be supported by the other members of the committee.

What are the responsibilities?

To ensure financial control at a time of growth for Spencer Hockey Club.

Honorary Treasurer is a volunteer officer of Spencer Hockey Club and a member of the management committee, with responsibility for:
* Maintaining appropriate systems for book-keeping and payment
* That they are consistently followed and are in line with best practice and legal/regulatory requirements
* Ensuring required insurances are in place

* Making sure that record-keeping and accounts are up-to-date
* Presenting reports to help the committee understand the Club's financial position
* Preparing annual accounts and presenting them at the AGM
* Liaising with the Honorary Auditor
* Approving budgets for salaries of coaches


* Banking, book-keeping, checking and payment of invoices, record-keeping
* Managing bank accounts

* Advising on the level of subscriptions required
* Advising on the financial implications of new proposals
* Presenting forecasts based on actual spend
* Advising on income generation

How much time will it take?
We're looking at ways to limit this role so that it becomes more of an overseeing role and less labour intensive.
These include:
* Investing in a unified financial system across the Spencer Club, so the bookkeeping duties are outsourced
* Devolving the registration of members/subs chasing into a supporting membership secretary role
* Delegation of financial duties around social events where Sandra has generously gone beyond the call of duty

How does the role currently break down?

Monthly committee meetings (Two hours a month)
Bookkeeping - day to day upkeep of the cashbook / creditors records (One to two hours per week)
Completion of annual accounts for presentation at AGM
Budget / subscriptions proposals (A couple of dedicated meetings)
Record of subs paid for senior members (c.350) (Three to four hours per month – which could improve with new systems)
Checking and payment of invoices for senior section (30 minutes per week)
Payment of invoices for junior section (authorisation required from JHC) (30 minutes per week)
Reconciliation of junior accounts with junior treasurer
Registration of new members (Five minutes per person)
Dealing with member subscription queries including requests for discounts and refunds (One hour per week)
Chasing non-payers (Two-three hours a month Oct-Jan)


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