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Spencer Hockey AGM 2nd May 2017

More details will follow in due course. But suffice to say - if you haven't attended the AGM before, you've been missing out. The AGM is a really important time to have your say in the future of the club and hear about what's been going on throughout the season that might have slipped under your radar. As well as this, it's when the silverware is dished out.

Lock the date in. 

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Keith Fernandes

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Congrats to the club on the success of all the teams.
I have heard that you have an annual ski party, but have yet to meet anyone from Spencer on Whistler or Blackcomb mountains. Surely members do ski or perhaps the ones that do ski feel that Whistler may be too challenging a mountain for them. If I, in my mid 70s, yep, a Super Senior, still enjoy skiing about 70 days a season, surely some young people from Spencer could enjoy it too. We still have lots of snow on the mountains and Blackcomb will remain open till the end of May.
Cheers to any of the seniors still playing hockey. I played my last game, a seniors international, in 1995.
All the best for a delight filled summer.
Visit Beautiful BC.
We have bears that come to our door in Whistler, more on the golf course and on the mountains.

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