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Volunteering opportunity: Treasurer

The Spencer Club has a vacancy for a new Treasurer. If you have what it takes, please step forward.

You may have seen the notice for the AGM of The Spencer Club on March 19th.

On that evening, The Spencer Club hopes to appoint a new Treasurer and it would be excellent for the hockey section if this person could be drawn from our ranks.

This is a very important role, especially given some of the exciting development possibilities for the club - not least the Springfield project.

If you are a Spencer hockey member or the parent of a junior member and have an accounting background, preferably with some experience of financial management in a small or medium-sized organisation, do please consider taking this on.

The Treasurer is a volunteer officer of the Spencer Club and a member of the management committee.

The job involves making sure that:
- financial procedures are followed
- budgets are set
- principles are agreed for how much each sports section pays
- salaries are reviewed
- annual accounts are prepared and scrutinised

But in the main it's an overseeing role - Chris Rowland and his team in the office are responsible for looking after the day-to-day financial duties.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with Ross Newby at chair@spencerclub.org or Chris Rowland at manager@spencerclub.org

Or, if you'd prefer, you can email or call Dan Radley for a chat about what this entails.


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