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Message from our esteemed Chair

Happy new year everyone,

First of all, it's great to see our elite men's and women's teams playing so well - good luck to them and indeed to all of us for 2016.

Promising news

On December 15th, Wandsworth’s planning committee approved the Springfield strategy, opening the way for the hospital trust to appoint a developer and go ahead. Our job is now to convince all partiesthat an astroshould be included as part of their final plan. We’re also still on course to have our existing all-weather surface at Fieldview relaid this summer.

Issues to resolve

There are still a few subs outstanding. Almost all stragglers have been contacted individually by the committee, so our ‘no pay, no play’ policy is now in operation. Please settle up immediately to avoid making life awkward for your captain.

This season it's taken much longer than usual to achieve settled squads and, in particular, it's been hard for some of the named men’s teams to get into any sort of rhythm before Christmas. I’d like to see better co-operation between squads to ensure that no Spencer team finds itself at risk of relegationby the time the Easter bunny arrives.

One Spencer

We're working on a strategy for the Club, so here's a quick summary of our recent discussions:

Spencer Hockey Club is broadly healthy but that's not enough - we want to excel.

There are common obstacles blocking our progress, including:

* scarce pitch space


* a stretched workforce


* reliance on subscription income

And we're not helping ourselves by operating as two separate Clubs - seniors and juniors.

Our five year plan will be to integrate the sections fully, drawing on the playing and professional talent already in the club to take us to the next level.

Specifically, we will:

* Move juniors who are ready into the seniors

* Drive integration at a committee and social level

* Share information between coaches

* Prepare for National League hockey

* Open up new forms of funding

* Find more pitch space and time

* Place more emphasis on members' responsibilities towards the club, including proficiency in umpiring

For this to work your Spencer needs you...


Recently, we've had some incredible support from Richard Thompson who has been advising us on the tender process for resurfacing our all-weather pitch at Fieldview. It’s a reminder that we have some brilliant skills amongst our members.

I’m keen to make it more enjoyable for people to get involved in running the hockey club. That means working collectively and keepingthe individual roles more contained.

In particular, if you have some accountancy skills I’d like our treasurer to have a team of assistants. Also, we could really use someone outgoing to become our volunteer co-ordinator.

If you could spare an hour or two a week for the club, please drop me a line at boo.hoo@talk21.com


Thanks for reading all the way to here - you've got true Spencer stamina,

Dan Radley



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