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Crime and booze - a couple of serious points to make

Right. Couple of serious points to make I’m afraid.


Unfortunately, there have been a couple of thefts from the changing rooms at Fieldview in the last couple of weeks. This has been a sporadic problem over the last few years both at Fieldview and at Battersea Park.

With public access and so many people coming and going it’s hard to tell if anyone looks out of place. Please don’t leave anything valuable in the changing rooms. If you are playing take any valuables with you to the pitch. Always best to leave them in the dugout for extra safety.

Despite repeated reminders, there have been a few incidents in recent weeks.

We aren’t ones for loads of rules. It’s really very simple on this front.

Think of Spencer as a pub. Albeit an excellent pub, where drinks are cheap, you can always sit down and people know your name.

You can’t bring your own booze to a pub beer garden. You can’t bring your own booze to a pub toilet. You can’t bring your own booze because you fancy an exotic brand of craft lager that the pub doesn’t stock.

Same goes for the clubhouse. Just because you are in the showers or on the astro it doesn’t make it ok to bring your own drinks.

The whole of the majestic Fieldview property is the pub. 

And if you want something that the bar doesn’t stock – have a work with the bar staff and they can let the Club Manager know to consider introducing it.

Also – and I almost can't believe this is neccessary to point out, please don’t leave glass bottles kicking around in places where people could happen upon them accidentally and hurt themselves (like the floor of the showers). There are two glass bottle bins in the clubhouse which prove ideal receptacles for bottles.


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