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Rugby World Cup Final and pay your subs for a chance to be £100 up rather than £30 down

The World Cup Final will be gracing the big new flat screen tv in the clubhouse. And, well, the other medium sized flat screen in the clubhouse as well. What better place to see the action?

Staggeringly nobody has yet been in the clubhouse to tkae home the draw money. This means you also stand the chance of taking home £100 if you've paid your subs. Incidentally if you haven't paid your subs then you only have until 23.59 on Saturday to do so before they go up £30. 

Given that timsecale, it seems only sensible to pay by 12pm Friday so that you have a chance of an evening changing £100. 

There's also a whole host of exciting hockey going down:
10:30 M5 vs Old Loughtonians 3s
12:00 M4 vs London Wayfarers 3s
13.30 M1 vs Old Cranleighan's 1s
15.00 Hurricanes vs Reigate Priory 2s

There's also a whole day of action at BP if a day at the park is more your style:
9.30 W4 vs Sunbury and Walton Hawks 2s
10.30 Ttitans vs Wayfarers 5s
12.30 W2 vs London Eds 1s
14.00 W3 vs Woking 2s
15.30 Sapphires vs Cranleigh 1s
See you Saturday!  


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