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Leave nothing behind but the scent of victory

The scene of battle. Stadium of victory. Field of dreams. The Fieldview astroturf is a great number of things. But it's not a bin.

Every Saturday a load of water bottles, lucozade bottles and destitute jelly babies are left strewn behind the goals on the astro. 

Despite the advances in pitch surfaces, the FIH are yet to approve a self-cleaning astro. Until the day they do arrives, could you please make sure you take a couple of minutes to clean up after yourselves. 

If you have the good fortune to get the 16:30 slot, an extra look around and tidy would be much appreciated. 

Sorry if this all sounds a bit prefect like - but it's really not fair on other teams and the junior section to play amongst the mess. It also doesn't create the best impression of us as a club. 

Thanks all. Over and out. 


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