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This week - you've got to be in it (the clubhouse) to win it. And to see England try to redeem themselves.

You may only just have recovered from the excitement / Welsh dragon slaying of last weekend. Personally I don't recommend spending the day writing about trauma cleaning when you are still approximately 40% apple sourz.

But it's already time to think about next weekend.

On Saturday Iain Leverett became the first player of the 2015-16 season to make the grave error of not being in the clubhouse at 7pm.

And so we have a rollover to a £60 bar tab. If you pay your subs before 12pm on Friday you will be automatically entered into this weeks draw.

Essentially, paying your subs couldn't be an easier life decision.

Just make sure you are there at 7pm. Nobody wants to be Iain. Well, not in a draw sense anyway.

Another excellent Fieldview line-up beckons:
10:30 W3 vs THD
12:00 W5 vs Barnes Vets (incidentally, when I first started playing club hockey I thought it was surprising that enough veterinarian's played hockey that they could form whole teams)
13:30 M3A's vs Old Reigations
15:00 Hurricanes vs Surrey Spartans
16:30 Supervets vs Hampstead and Westminster Supervets

If that isn't enough sporting excitement for you, once again the rugby world cup will be also on the big screen:
Samoa vs Japan 14:30
South Africa vs Scotland 16:45
England vs Australia 20:00


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