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Derby Day #2, late licence, England vs Wales and what next for SA?

The club is hosting a veritable smorgasbord of exciting women's hockey on Saturday with no less than six Spencer Women's teams gracing the Fieldview Astro. You might think that logistically this is impossible, but two Spencer derby games will be part of the action.

The Fieldview line-up is as follows:
10:30 W4 vs Wanderers
12:00 W1 vs Oxford
13:30 M2 vs Southgate
15:00 W6 vs Spencer Sapphires
16:30 W2 vs W3

If that isn't enought sporting excitement for you, the rugby world cup will be also on the big screen:
Italy vs Canada 14:30
South Africa vs Samoa 16:45
England vs Wales 20:00

This will all be followed up by a late licence at the clubhouse.

In conclusion. Bring your shower stuff and don't make any plans for Sunday morning. 


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