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New FIH Rules Survey

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced some changes to the Rules of Hockey:

-A penalty stroke can no longer be awarded. Instead, a defending player breaking early will be sent to the half way line, meaning that a retaken penalty corner will be defended by fewer defenders.

-When an offending player is awarded a green card, he/she will be required to leave the field of play for a period of two minutes.

-Players can play the ball with any part of the stick when the ball is above shoulder height, provided that they do so in a controlled manner and in a way that does not create or lead to danger.

-A free hit awarded within 5 metres of the edge of the circle can be taken from the point of the offence. The ball still has to travel at least 5 metres before it can be played into the circle, or alternatively has to be touched by another player of either team, other than the player taking the free hit.

-For a re-start after the ball has been unintentionally played off the back line by a defender play will be re-started by the attacking team with the ball on the 23m line and in line with where it crossed the backline.

Further details can be found on pages 5 - 7 of the 2015 FIH Rules Book.


Are there any overwhelming reasons why we should apply to FIH to opt out of the introduction of any of the new Rules and, if so, at what levels and/or age groups?

The new style of face mask will be implemented effect of immediately however, any other rules implemented will not be in place until next season.

Click on the link below to have your say (closes at 5pm on 23rd February 2015).





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