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Benji's Beer Pong Tour

Benji's Beer Pong Tour

Timings - 18.00 sharp, as 2 person teams will be drawn out of a hat

Format - Everyone is guaranteed at least 2 games. Groups will be made up of 3/4 teams and games at this stage will be with 6 cups at each end. The top 1/2 teams will make it through to the knockouts, where full 10 cup games will be required until we have a winning team.

Cost - NONE (ish). Players will need to buy the beer required for the game to be played.

Prizes - Will exist (best hat, winning team, worst team etc...)

Costume- Hat social. If both members of the team are not wearing hats, then you will start with one less cup. Hats = Fun

Drinks -Only alcoholic drinks can be used, however we have a few non drinkers who are keen to play, so they will be paired with any "massive" lads we can find, who will be required to drink double :) ps. if anyone knows or such people, please get in touch.


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