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SUBS: Show me the money!!!!!!!!!

SUBS: Show me the money!!!!!!!!!

For all members playing in the senior section, the deadline for setting up payment of your subscription fee is rapidly approaching. If your payment hasn't been set up by 1 November 2014 a late fee of £30 will be added to the total amount due.


To pay your subscription online, simply login at http://hockey.spencerclub.org/login/ then go to "My Account" and follow the payment option on the right of the page. All payments are made by direct debit, so have your bank details to hand as we don't accept credit cards.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment of your fees, please contact Sandra Forbes to discuss; finance@hockey.spencerclub.org



The Spencer Draw happens every Saturday at 7pm. Those who have paid their subs will be entered into the draw. Dont miss out.


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