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Sat, 23rd Mar 2019 10:30
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
London Wayfarers Ladies 3
Everything happens in 3’s.

Good things happen in 3’s, 3 is a lucky number in Chinese culture and Buddhism. My lucky numbers are all multiples of 3; 9, 18 and 36. A triangle is my favourite shape. The genie granted Aladdin 3 wishes. Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

If I’m trying to make a point, I will often say things 3 times. When Becca is in the wrong place in the press I will shout “left, LEFT, LEFT!!

I once visited 3 countries in one day, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Ironically, I was on my way to Uruguay. No I didn’t get lost, it was just a long bus journey. We started in Brazil, drove through Argentina but went shopping in Paraguay in between. You can buy just about anything in Paraguay, thanks to almost non-existent tax on imported commercial goods, compared to 40% in neighbouring Brazil and Argentina, which means that swarms of people cross the border to buy legal and illegal goods daily. I mean, you can pick up a pair of Nikes and some interesting pharmaceuticals on the same street for very reasonable prices. And no, these are not knock-off Nikes. Paraguay is not the most interesting place I have ever visited but it does have one of my favourite laws: in Paraguay, pistol duelling is still legal as long as both parties are registered blood donors. If you ever needed a reason to register as a blood donor…

Back to the number 3. Unfortunately it can also be a bad number. In Japan and Vietnam it is often considered an unlucky number. 3 is an unnatural number. You don’t have three eyes or three legs, or if you do, unlucky.

So the final game of the season was Spencer 3’s and Wayfarers 3’s. It was gonna be lucky for one and not so lucky for the other. We scored 3, I didn’t. And because of this I have the good fortune to be MoM and the poor fortune to be DoD. Team 3’s are a cruel lot.

EOSD followed. 3 things happened:
1. We had some food
2. We had some drinks
3. We did some dancing

Nothing else happened.

I will sum up the Team 3’s season in 3 brief statements:
Super team
Super captain
Super fun

We’re a lucky bunch.


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