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Sat, 9th Feb 2019 10:30
Harris Academy Merton (Formely Tamworth Manor)
Spencer Women's 3
Oxted Ladies 1
A few years ago – let’s say, for the sake of argument, seven – three friends went on a spontaneous jaunt to the south coast. One of them – let’s call her, for the sake of argument, Hen – picked everyone up and drove down to the seaside, where the mother of the second one – for the sake of argument, Macie – was sat in a boat waiting for their arrival. They got in the boat and they swam around in the sea and they yachted over to an island and got a bit lost and it was all a lot of fun, in that spur-of-the-moment kind of fun that comes with your twenties.

After the sun went down, they sat round the table with a few ciders and started chatting about life, hockey, what the world means, when the conversation turned to religion.

“I’m not religious,” mused the third, Megan, in a mildly tipsy way. “Hockey’s my religion, and Spencer’s my church.”

Hen and Macie snuffled a few guffaws, but Megan’s sea-drunken mind decided to make like the boat, and roll with it.

“It’s not such a silly idea, guys. We attend twice a week, men and women over the world follow the same text of the same FIH bible, and if you get the kids in early you can indoctrinate them for life.”

Hen and Macie had piped down. They were either thinking about it or getting busy eating, but either way Megan was gathering steam.

“If you move house, there are other churches you can go to."

“If you like the idea but think hockey may not be the right one, there are other religions you can try out, all with pretty similar but slightly distinct setups."

“If you lose your faith for a bit, you can trot off and find something else to do with your Saturdays. But you’ll always be welcomed back.”

Hen and Macie nodded solemnly, if only to try and get their mate to shut up. Then they changed the subject, and went back to drinking cider and falling off the rolling beds. That was seven years ago, and was probably the last insightful spontaneous brain-outpouring Megan’s had.

The other good thing about religions is that they generally forgive you for being a twat.

Thanks guys.


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