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Sat, 1st Dec 2018 15:30
Kennington Park
London Wayfarers Ladies 3
Spencer Women's 3
“Big reputation, big reputation, ooh you and me we got big reputations.”

(For those of you who aren’t hardcore Taylor Swift fans – shame on you- see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfnCAmr569k for reference).

It is almost as if T Swift wrote this line with the W3s in mind, but to what “big reputation” specifically is she referring?

Is it…
...being such a multi-lingual team? Poppy can pass as a French native, while Muir can now converse fluently in Spanish, thanks to our former team member, Asia. As a side note, we’re still not sure if Ruth can successfully order a Spag Bol in France.

...our talent at drinking games? Shout out to Hazza, closely followed by Ruth and Claire.

...the out-the-box thinking for Christmas party fancy dress? Our new creative team could not have had a better debut last season, resulting in a long anticipated win!* What will this year bring?

...our ability to guarantee rain whenever and wherever we play? #3srain.

...the amazing dancers we have in the team? I challenge anyone to a dance off with Nat.

Sure, these are all song-worthy, but there’s something that we do well.

Really well.

It makes my week September through to March.

“What is it?” I hear you cry.

Match reports.

Innovative, put-a-smile-on-your-face match reports.

Week in, week out (Friday 17th October 2017 was a blip and Gracie was temporarily extradited to Scotland for her actions).

If there were an award for best team match reports (and we are petitioning for one) we would win it. Not only because we’re one of few teams who religiously writes one, but because they’re fab.

Credit for this skill goes predominantly to our resident writer, Ruth (The Yellow Walkman piece will go down in history). She is taking a break this season, but we can assure you that she will be making an exclusive guest appearance. Keep your eyes peeled!

More recently, the match report writing pen has been shared, so credit also goes to all those worthy DOD winners who have had to step up to the plate. In true W3s fashion, they did an exceptional job. Gracie has redeemed herself, writing a match report for a friendly game, so is included in this honour list.

Last season saw numerous Bake Off references, a hilarious description of Kennington Park pitch and the introduction of our one and only Van der Sleeman.
What a reputation to uphold!

This season we’ve really upped our game, even adding in poems to our repertoire!

Much like Taylor Swift, we’ve undergone quite a makeover this year.

We’ve sadly had to say farewell to some key members: Asia, Brady, Foxy, Gregs and Ruth.

However, we’ve happily welcomed back Gracie, Mads and Tegan. Plus, we’ve introduced our new (although now we’re half way through the season, not quite so new) team members Amber, Fran, Freddie, Freya, Katie and Poppy into the W3s fold.

Unfortunately, we haven’t quite sold out stadiums world-wide like Taylor, but we have a loyal group of parents and husbands who support us, which makes us feel like we have as big a fan base.

I could go on about how similar the W3s and Taylor Swift’s careers are, but I think I better stop there.

On Saturday, we played Wayfarers 3s at our old time favourite, Kennington Park. We played some beautiful hockey and won 3-0. I thought I’d lost my phone and went on a panic search for it in and around KP, so won DOD.

*sometimes you’ve just got to take initiative.


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