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Sat, 24th Nov 2018 15:00
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
Surbiton Ladies 5s
  • Gracie
**A Match Report by Amber, Katie and Poppy**

I woke up feeling fresh as a flower,
As I hopped into my morning shower.
A smile on my face,
As I left my place.

I arrived at the pitch raring and pumped,
As I knew Surbiton were going to get thumped.
Our touch rugby warm up fast and scary,
Made our opponent very weary.

Then the time came,
And we had to start the game.
Sticks in hand,
We made a stand.

Half time came about,
And it was all drawn out.
But still raring to go,
We stole the show.

A goal ahead,
Put it to bed.
The whistle was blown,
And we all went home.

So that was the day Surbiton lost.
A LEAGUE game! That was the cost


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