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Sat, 17th Nov 2018 9:30
Kennington Park
Wanderers Ladies 2s
Spencer Women's 3
A few months ago, a friend of mine woke up one morning and had an epiphany. A lightbulb moment. And he knew he needed to take action immediately.

He needed a Guinness World Record.

He immediately set about this mission. First, he had to choose a record to break. A physical challenge would be too hard to master in a short space of time and a mental challenge would be too hard to master full stop. So obviously, he chose to gather the largest amount of people with the same first name in one single place. Easy.

The current GWR for this was achieved by 2,325 Croatian man named Ivan on 30 July 2017.

My friend put all the right tools in place to smash this. Firstly, he needed to change his name by deed poll because his current name wasn’t very popular. And what better name than the English classic, George, surely the most prevalent name in the country.

He then arranged the meeting time and place (a large open field – needed to be spacious to accommodate all the Georges that would gather), and started advertising it to the world.

A photographer was booked. The local press was informed. Headlines were being pre-written. Fireworks were planned for the celebrations. A World Record was going to be broken!

The morning arrived and the anticipation was high. The newly-named George, was ready to greet his namesakes as they gathered together. And one by one, Georges from near and far turned up.

Yet, after an hour, the flow of Georges slowed.

As the deadline passed, the GWR adjudicator’s final count showed a heartbreaking 2,225 Georges short of breaking the record.

Last Saturday the W3s turned up at Kennington Park in high spirits, with all the right tools in place after a good midweek training session, ready to break Wanderers’ unbeaten record this season. I’m told we had a strong warm up, were focused and determined from the first whistle, and played the more beautiful and entertaining hockey, according to long-time fan, first time match report contributor, Freya’s dad.

But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Sometimes headlines don’t get printed, and sometimes records aren’t broken, despite everyone’s best efforts. Sadly Wanderers ran out winners, maintaining their unblemished record. A gutting result but a gutsy Spencer performance.

However, there were fireworks during the half time team talk.

P.S. Gracie thanks so much for collecting all my kit from my flat on Saturday morning so I could make the match, and arranging for Poor John (and Papa Cooper) to carry it all to the pitch at 8.30am, along with the goalie kit, the match balls and your kit too. Apologies I haven’t written an Ode To Gracie for this match report as requested.


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