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Sat, 10th Nov 2018 13:30
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
Sunbury and Walton Hawks Ladies 1
  • Mads
I usually avoid getting votes. I fly under the radar of the electorate, masterfully swerving accolade and praise week after week.

I miss those days.

Somehow my Federer-inspired topspin forehand of a goal, which all but shattered the backboard, was completely dismissed. I flew too close to the sun. Never mind that it brought us a point, keeping us doggedly mid-table. It was too much. I had to be brought back down to earth.

Somehow the gods of karma foresaw this potential MOM-winning moment and ensured that I would remain untainted by that glory. So much so that I would instead succeed in the rare, nay unmatched*, feat of a unanimous DOD vote.

Earlier in the day I had taken extraordinary measures to arrive at the game promptly (read: actually left on time for once). Feeling smug about impending punctuality, I skipped down to the station, looking like the school girl of my prime; my socks pulled high and hair neatly braided.

You could say there was a good reason for my cheery glow, but that would be suggesting something rather great had happened earlier that week, and I don’t like to think of myself of someone who gets distracted by frivolous matters such as diamonds and marriages.

I hopped on the 12:10 to Wandsworth Common. I was plugged into an informative podcast on depression, being the conscientious and well-informed commuter that I am, when I received a call from a wedding sales manager. Podcast paused, awareness disappeared, train continued. I was sucked into a joyful conversation about capacity and corkage. Perhaps the podcast topic had me desperate for more light-hearted content. Maybe I should just admit I was distracted by the excitement of planning an effing big party all about me. He’ll get over it.

Balham went by, and as I was picturing Google maps in my head, trying to place Wandsworth Common in relation to Balham, I realised I was arriving at Streatham Common. A surprisingly popular station. A very good friend of mine has just moved there. Maybe I’ll stop by soon.

So that’s how I ended up taking 1 hour 15 minutes for a 35-minute journey and scoring 10 dick votes for the pleasure.

Thankfully I’m not an egotistical person. Otherwise I might have taken it personally and written a passive-aggressive match report painfully excusing my poor time-keeping.

A one-all draw sounds about right. One for me, one for karma.

*except probably Claire. A few times.


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