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Sat, 3rd Nov 2018 13:30
Oxted County School
Oxted Ladies 1
Spencer Women's 3
  • Becca
Firstly, I don’t know where Leeds Castle is. Turns out I didn’t need to fear admitting that (I also suffer from the affliction Claire referred to in her match report) as I got DOD for a completely unrelated reason. At least, I’m led to believe it was for another reason, some people didn’t even bother explaining which always stings, even if it’s obvious. I mean I did also declare that ‘pseudonym’ starts with a silent ‘s’. I like to know WHY I’m an eejit in everybody’s individual opinion.

This week’s DOD was bittersweet. In what the team affectionately call ‘doing the double’, I scooped the joy of MOM in the same match.

How else can you ‘do a double’?
- Double denim - we have hardcore B*witched fans in the team who may have worn this combo whilst writing B*witched themed match reports
- Double parked - San Miguel in one hand, apple sourz in the other
- Doble veh - phonetically pronouncing the letter ‘w’ in Spanish (one for Asia)
- Double yellow lines - something I expect Ruth has had an altercation with at some point
- Double decker - sit on the top floor of a bus eating a chocolate bar (also an unfortunate nickname I briefly had at junior school – it just rhymed, I wasn’t the size of one)
- Double dunking - a very risky game
- Double entendre - something Gracie likes
- Double Dutch - what Jonny speaks
- Double negative - we aren’t not trying to be as good as International hockey players
- Double jeopardy - a great film from the 90s and also the concept that I can’t be made to write another match report for falling over on the 3rd of November (*i think - will have to check current legalities with Myra)

My double was achieved by scoring a “worldie” (Dan’s interpretation from a description by Tegan) worked all the way from the defensive line to bring us level. They then scored their own worldie, and rather than try to bring us level again, I faceplanted (*was pushed*) at the opportunity of an equaliser a few minutes before the final whistle.


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