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Sat, 13th Oct 2018 10:30
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
London Wayfarers Ladies 2
  • Jen x 2
  • Freya
Approximately 18 months ago someone, who should forever be named DOD, decided it would be a good idea to make DOD write the match report. Disaster. I don’t think we fully appreciated the significance of this decision. Suddenly I had to change personality, before every match I would smile and say nothing or at least as little as possible, think about what I was saying (who does this …it's exhausting) and generally not providing nearly as much pre-match banter as would potentially be available.

If this was a normal team match report summarising the sporting characteristics of the match it mightn’t be quite so bad (although I might also struggle with that). No, this is a witty, funny, foray into comedy genius, the thought of which having to write has kept me from hiding my true inner potential DOD comments for too long.

Take this week, I was actually thinking about DOD during the week, thinking it wouldn’t be the worst, I could write a match report, it’s not like I have to umpire a match. I let my guard down, made one silly comment (which did provide amusement - see below) on arrival about trying a slightly different albeit longer way to the clubhouse and was swiftly named DOD.

So I have a proposition. I feel we are losing significantly funny pre-match banter, comedy and general craic from people stifling their inner ejit in the fear of being named DOD. We have 18 matches and fortuitously a squad of 16 (??!), Jonny and maybe a cameo (please Ruth?!). Therefore I am proposing a change to a weekly rota for match report writing. I realise this will mainly benefit Gracie, Becca, Jonny and myself. However everyone just imagine the freedom from the weekly potential DOD nomination, the significantly improved pre-match banter which can only make us play even better, if that is possible. Talking of playing we unfortunately lost 4-3 at the weekend but not for lack of trying, bring on the next match!! A 2 week break 6 weeks into the season is too long!!


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