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Sat, 22nd Sep 2018 10:30
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
Old Cranleighans Ladies 1
  • Amber
  • Jen
And we’re back!

While I sit here trying to think of entertaining Bake Off metaphors, dear diary letters or any other popular culture references, all I can come up with is the weather. I know, terribly British. But I am British now, so it’s a good place to start.

So, I’ll start there. It’s coming into Autumn, a change of season if you will.

And for the Spencer 3’s, so much has changed…
- Alice is starting a family, Greggs is enjoying married life, Rach has gone to find herself in Ireland, Ruth has abandoned all match writing and Gracie is back from her golfing honeymoon.
- Van der Sleeman has moved onto German and Spanish hockey references. Leaving us even more perplexed as the references get further away from logic.
- We’ve welcomed four new juniors into the team - Katie, Poppy, Amber and Freya. #awesome #welcome #yolo #youngandfit #getin #timetoshine #youwillbelivingyourbestlifein3s
- Fran is the new Gracie, ensuring we have 5p coins to make up £1 for the sweepstake.
- Tegan is back from a sabbatical and Freddie has joined, confusing us with her name.
- We’ve gone posh and drink cocktails out of jars.
- Isle of Man money is the currency moving forward – who are we to question what your ex Captain says??
- Wednesday is the new Tuesday for practice.

Yet with all this change, so much hasn’t…
- I’m still Johnny’s favourite.
- Team talks still have 3 points with 10 sub-points.
- We still have so many short corners options, but still score with a textbook straight strike from Jen.
- Sourz hour is still on!
- Hazza and Claire are still late.
- We’re still on a winning streak and scoring goals!

At work, you’re taught how to ‘manage’ a lot of change, as it can set you back; you should ‘shrink the change’. I.e. break it down into smaller pieces, so you can focus, move through methodically and ultimately conquer the real change and bring about performance.

Kind of like our opening game of the season. Breaking down play, methodically working as a team unit to focus on the current set piece – ultimately resulting in two excellent goals and a win. Taking all this change in our stride.

For some, change is scary. But not for the 3’s - we’re owning it!

Next up is THD and we’re ready to bring it!


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