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Sat, 24th Nov 2018 12:00
Blatchington Mill School
Brighton and Hove Women's 1s
Spencer Women's 1
It was an eventful weekend for Spencer Ladies 1st XI, as they headed to East Sussex to face Brighton in the penultimate game to complete the first round of matches in the South Div 1 2018-19 season.

But that’s enough about the hockey.

The fun started on Friday night with a vat of pasta, a raucous viewing of Love Actually and maximum two beers each, as the players settled down in a four storey, 20 bed Hen-Do house (which coach Adene took full advantage of in what will be known as “The Adene Show, Part II”) in Brighton city centre.

On Saturday morning, revitalised with a cosy night’s sleep in bunk-bed dormitories followed by a family porridge breakfast, the squad headed to the pitches to do battle with 10th seed Brighton, who, despite their low ranking, achieved an impressive victory over 5th placed Wimbledon the previous week and were not to be underestimated.

Spencer generally dominated the first half with some beautiful linking play which eventually led to a well-deserved short corner. A well worked set play saw Kiri pitch a perfect ball through the D, hurtling for the left post, only to be interrupted by team gramps Emily Masson, who changed the course of the ball with a touch that took it through her legs in a move that the rest of us can only dream of. Was the ball going into the goal anyway? We’ll never know.

After a half time talk – sans sweets it should perhaps be noted – Spencer resumed their positions, and were faced with a much more riled-up Brighton side for the second half. The home team piled on the pressure, which included throwing 70-metre aerials that were expertly controlled by the Spencer backline, and thankfully all Brighton opportunities were denied by the ever-impressive goalkeeper Nevvy. Spencer’s defensive prowess was called into question repeatedly, however Spencer’s strikers were not without opportunity either. Midfielder Hettie sent some impressive balls through to the front line, where a particularly feisty Emma aka ‘P-Nasty’ was on hand to give the Brighton defenders trouble, however despite winning more corners, Spencer could not score another. The game ended with two tense Brighton short corners (ahem Georgie) after the final whistle, but fortunately the Spencer defence retained their ‘composure’ and denied the home team an equaliser, leaving the pitch with the three points gratefully in hand.

After five quick (or very slow in the case of some members) pints at the clubhouse, the Spencer ladies retired to the house for an evening of team bonding *read debauchery*. After a challenging yet rewarding quiz by quizmaster extraordinaire Hetty (although results yet to be revealed…), multiple flutes of prosecco and endless tinnies, the ladies flexed their muscles at other popular hockey-related past-times, including flip-cup, beer pong and FIIRREBAALLLLL. After multiple booze runs, photoshoots (ranging from PG to 18+) and smashed glasses, the team hit the dancefloor of the infamous Revenge Bar for a night of ill-adivsed squatdrops, and sweaty hair-flicking. Once they’d work out which of the two Revenge Bars within 100ft of each other they were supposed to be in, that is.

The orientation confusion didn’t end there, however. Central defender Brooky, perhaps inspired by the rendition earlier in the night from the award-winning west end show, found herself knocking on the door of a large family home on Brighton’s Hamilton Street at 3am, rather than the hired home 1.9 miles on the other side of the city. Faced with limited other options, the owner of the afore mentioned Hamilton St. residence arranged a taxi to take the Spencer player back to her home in South London’s Tooting. Only the next morning, stricken with perplexity no doubt, phone full of missed calls and wallet considerably lighter, did newly-awarded default DOD of the season Brooky realise quite what had happened, and called the rest the team for them to finally be enlightened of her whereabouts.

It’s fair to say for the youngest member of the team, it was Brighton 1–Brooky 0, but for the rest of the team, it certainly was a weekend of back to back victories.


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