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Sat, 3rd Nov 2018 12:00
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 1
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 1s
Spencer Women’s 1s bustled into the changing rooms on the sunny morning of Saturday 3 rd September. Equipped with all the essentials - tasty pre-match bananas, shiny new skirts, a booming speaker and canine mascots Spencer and Bailey barking away – the team were ready to make history against THD Ladies 1s.

Beeeeeeeeep. Off the whistle went and the battle began at a pace. Spencer, the dominant team from the off, oozed composure and transferred from channel to channel like a well-oiled machine thanks to a sturdy middle of Annie, Emily, Hettie and Kiri.

It wasn’t long before the score-line rolled off zero. Forward Alvin channeled her inner chipmunk and nutted the ball to fellow forward Hattie for a sneaky reverse tap past the keeper. SPENCER GOAL!

Sadly, as games often go, THD levelled the score in a short corner within a matter of minutes but Spencer moved swiftly on to win their own cheeky short. Routine at the ready, Hettie catapulted the ball into the D, it rebounded off unsuspecting players and crept through the keeper’s legs, just needing a very gentle nudge into the goal by Georgie. It should be noted that the ball would probably have got there quicker if it was blown by the light autumn breeze but nevertheless, crawl over the line it did. SPENCER GOAL!

It truly was end to end stuff and not wanting to end the chase, THD fought back yet again to get another short corner goal.

This riled Hattie right up and no one could stop her raising her stick like the warrior she is and walloping a half volley into the net, leaving all to wonder if she’s in the wrong sport – the team now has high hopes for her to be selected as next year’s Wimbledon wild card.

But blimey the goals were never ending – yet another leveller from THD had Spencer getting all sorts of frustrated. Composed they remained however and with the mega backline of Nev, Brooky, Hayley and Libby bringing up the rear, confidence soared.

The clock was ticking down and all Spencer needed was to slot in a couple of screamers. Soon enough, the chance came, Kiri launched her signature rocket ball into the D, fooling all defenders and crash landing on Georgie’s stick, allowing her to sneak it past the keeper’s right pad. SPENCER GOAL!

The astute amongst you will have clocked the score as 4-3. One more for Spencer would be nice wouldn’t it? Spencer piled the pressure on a THD halfway line free hit and led by a lightening Dawks, charged like a pack of wolves past the defenders towards the goal. Alvin took over leading the pack, with Peat and Amy just two of several perfectly placed passing options but the chipmunk confidently chose the safety of keeping the ball on her stick, driving round the keeper and slotting it bang in the goal! SPENCER GOAL!

And there you have it, after a somewhat stressful final 10, the whistle rang around the pitch and a 5-3 win was officially under the belt.

Shout out to MOM Emily, who as always used her natural assets to glide seamlessly across the pitch bumping away anyone in her path.


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