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Sat, 27th Oct 2018 13:00
Sonning Lane - Pitch 2
Reading Ladies 2s
Spencer Women's 1
  • Hattie
Spencer Ladies 1st XI were back to their winning ways last weekend with a historic win over long established Reading’s 2nd team, at the infamous Sonning Lane.

With the balmy October weather a distant memory, the spencer Ladies donned their wimp vests, and after a rousing speech from Coach Adene Bennett, who later assumed the role of goalkeeper in a match that will go down in the history books as ‘The Adene Show’, battle commenced.

Spencer, with age and experience on their side, dominated a young but skilful Reading team with confident building play from the back, ending in opportunity after opportunity in the Reading D. However, it was to no avail. Reading’s impressive keeper denied numerous opportunities from Spencer’s fiery forward line of Everitt, Peat, Robinson, Sherring, and Somerset who continuously applied pressure from all angles.

Reading were not without promise, either. Fast, skilful players were expertly kept away from the Spencer goal by defenders Bellamy, Brooke and Nunneley - under the watchful eye of a vocal Bennett in the box, who was primed to make clean, confident saves when called upon.

Minutes into the second half, full of Percy Pigs and motivational spur, Spencer veteran Robinson executed what fans of the game know as “The Hatty Special”, to finally put the away team on the scoring sheet. An inspired ball into space from midfielder MacFarlane allowed Robinson to enter the Reading D unmarked, presenting an opportunity for her to do what she does so well. A purposeful, perfectly placed rocket from top D hit the backboard with a satisfying whack, that gave the spectators just what they’d been waiting for.

With excellent transferring, distribution and tracking back from the “engine” in the middle - also known as midfielders Cust, Dawkins, Masson, MacFarlane and Orrett - Reading were unable to equalise, and Spencer continued to look dangerous.

Reading continued to defend well for the remainder of the second half, and despite dominating possession, Spencer were unable to convert any more of their numerous opportunities, with the result 1-0 to the away team at the final whistle.

Nonetheless, the victory sees newly promoted Spencer standing at an impressive 5th place in the table of an undeniably tough league, with fire in their bellies ready for the next fixture which will see them return to The Fortress in what promises to be a thrilling clash against 7th placed THD.


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