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Sat, 6th Oct 2018 14:30
Surbiton (water)
Surbiton Ladies' 2s
Spencer Women's 1
  • Anna Sherring
Spencer Ladies 1’s faced Surbiton Ladies 2’s in their third game of the 2018/19 campaign in South Div 1. After coming away with a 1-1 draw during last weekends home fixture to London Wayfarers, Spencer were keen to get out and have another good away game against a notoriously strong club.

Starting the game with a positive mindset and coach Adene Bennett on the side line, Spencer had hoped to take control of the game from the start. After some relentless defending from Spencer’s Jodie Bellamy, Sarah Brook and Hayley Nunneley, it was Surbiton who instead took their chance in the first 20 minutes of the game from a well drilled penalty corner. Spencer were struggling to convert their chances in the first half and before the half was up, Surbiton followed with a scrappy goal in open play.
Annie Gamble kept a level head in the centre of the pitch and ensured the team remained composed against a very young and skilful team but unfortunately Spencer didn't manage to get on to the score sheet before the break.

Spencer came back out looking strong with Sarah Brook controlling the defensive line and distributing the ball perfectly to the rest of the field. From this came a lovely passage of play up the right hand side which led to Emily Masson finding a Surbiton foot in the D and gaining a penalty corner opportunity. A slick routine from the team meant Anna Sherring could hammer the ball over the line and secure a goal for Spencer.

Spencer kept piling on the pressure and keeper Nerys Hamlett made some tackles that the rest of the Spencer side can only dream of, but unfortunately even after some strong attacking play, Spencer were unable convert their chances once again. In the final 15 minutes, one of Surbiton’s silky forwards slipped through the field and nailed a cracking reverse stick shot into the top left hand corner which left the score line 3-1.

An unfortunate result for Spencer which doesn’t truly reflect the nature of the game. Spencer go into next weekends fixture at home on the fortress vs Wimbledon with confidence in their performance and belief that they can come away with 3 points against another strong opposition.


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