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Sat, 8th Sep 2018 13:30
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
Wanderers Ladies 2s
  • Jen
  • Freya
It seems that people on my team think it's OK to call me a t**t. That's a t**t that would get you 24 points (on a Scrabble board).

Someone once told me that you only take the piss out of people you like. Which is the thing I love most about the womens 3s - that we like each other.

And that's important as the season starts. To get points we have to be friends. We have to haves laughs, cries, beers and showers together. And we have to take the piss out of each other. There can't just be one t**t.

If you happen to have an "s" in your armoury you'd get 36 points. That's four extra wins. Such is the power of a whole team of t**ts.


P.S. I've been told off for writing nothing about the actual game (though the very fact i'm writing a match report for a friendly goes to show my team already has some t**ts in it).
I should point out that in a game of scrabble you only remember the winner (us) and the score (2-1). You'd rarely remember specific words. However, I believe Jen and Freya both had a pretty good one but Tegan's was the best.


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