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Sun, 7th Jan 2018 15:30
Battersea Park
Wanderers Ladies 2s
Spencer Women's 3
  • Claire x 2
Dear diary,

It’s been a while since I vented to you. But that’s just because I’m not one to go on about it when I have something on my mind or feel I’ve been unfairly treated. I mean, I barely ever mention that absolutely outrageous hockey incident four years ago when I was very obviously clearing an extra ball from the pitch but the umpires played on, awarded a short corner when my back was turned and the real ball hit my foot, and the resulting goal denied us the win. Barely ever mention that. I’ve moved on.

Anyway diary, I had to write as I’ve yet again been victim to unfair treatment.

As you know, I take my hockey preparation seriously. Make sure I get an early night so I’m ready for game day. There’s a lot to prepare before you leave the house – buy half time haribo, write the teamsheet, find a match ball and pack the first aid kit. It can therefore be very difficult to plan your meals around such logistics, especially when you have a late afternoon push back and have been out for a big brunch.

Mads has been on enough nutritional courses this season to agree that you want a slow release carb before a big match. Something like granola, served dry, in a mug because it’s neither lunch nor dinner, it’s just a really well chosen pre-match snack.

But unfortunately the rest of Spencer W3s don’t agree with this informed opinion, and so I’m sharing my frustration with you, diary, as I was given a hard time about it.

This is particularly unjust when so many other incidents occurred that should have overshadowed this. I’ll share them with you, because I can trust you not to tell anyone else:
- Claire got carded and then was so slow to take herself off the pitch because she doesn’t understand what each card means that she proceeded to get hit by the ball which was back in play
-Asia didn’t understand a single short corner routine discussion but only told us as the ball was being injected
-Chris deflected the ball into her own face (that reminds me, does anyone know where our first aid kit is?)
-Gracie asked to only play on the left because she has a neck strain so can only turn one way
-One team member got nits at Christmas.

The only saving grace was that the match result was a fair one. More possession, more short corners, more composure, meant we beat a good Wanderers team, and I did enjoy the day.

But lessons have been learnt, diary.

Not only is granola apparently not an acceptable pre-match snack, hockey on a Sunday is not as fun as hockey on a Saturday, and when Foxy and Nat say ‘this stays between us’, what they really mean is ‘we’re going to tell the rest of the team.’

Until next time.



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