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Sat, 7th Oct 2017 10:30
Spencer Hockey Club AWP
Spencer Women's 3
London Academicals Ladies 1
  • Hazza x 2
  • Claire x 2
Guess who’s back. Back again.

Yes, another week, another reference probably lost on half the club.


Van Der Sleeman told us he had just one word for us at training.

I was sceptical.

It’s incredibly difficult to summarise a B16 Ireland international hockey fixture in just one word.

I didn’t think it could be done.

But he was adamant.

He said that the one word was so important that our match report could be about it.

My ears pricked up.

This would not be the first time one word inspired a match report – pockets, walkman, cockiness.

I wondered what the word would be, and what it could inspire.

The word was recycle.

I’ve spent all week writing training manuals on waste management. I’d sooner dive into a skip than write anything about else about recycling.

The Apprentice is back, fairly terrifyingly for a 12th year.

After all of this time it should be hard for it surprise me.

But I will admit to being surprised that someone thought the best idea for a luxury hotel room would be spending £13k on a Tim Henman themed bedroom.

I’ve been exposed to the Surrey Ladies Hockey Leagues for even longer than I’ve wanted to staple things to the heads of Apprentice’s, so I was equally surprised to find myself having a new experience last weekend.

We played an unfamiliar opposition London Academicals. Much like an episode of the Apprentice it had moments of unmitigated brilliance.

Goal 3.

But, personally it had moments of unrivalled horror where I wanted to just stop watching. But that’s enough about my one touch performance.

A great four goal haul and a cracking training session set us up nicely for a local derby this week.

Bring it on, bring it, bring it on now.


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