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Sun, 23rd Feb 2014 9:00
Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground (Sand)
Richmond U9 Mixed
Spencer Girls U9
  • Francesca
  • Daisy P
  • Jenna
  • Molly R
  • Eloise
  • Luisa
  • Charlotte O'N
  • Millie
  • Holly.
Spencer Tigers

First we all got to Richmond and the gate was locked. Then we all went to set up on the water based pitch, but were actually playing on the sand based pitch. The next problem was that we kitted up our goalies and then were not allowed to use them. So now it's about 9.15 and we asked if we actually could start to play. On my team there was, Lauren, Rosie, Polly, Juliet (cap), Francesca and Daisy P, Freya and Bini. Our team manager was Amanda.

Match 1 Spencer Tigers V Richmond, 2 - 0

In the first match we won 2-0. I hit the ball to Rosie but she missed and it went into the wrong goal. Luckily I was outside the "D" so they didn't get a goal. Daisy and Francesca scored the goals.

Match 2 Spencer Tigers V Richmond, 0 - 0

The second match was the against the hard team from Richmond. We drew 0 - 0 and a team before us had lost against them 4-0. In the hard match Bini, Freya, Juliet and Francesca, Polly and Daisy all played very well. The best person was definitely Rosie because the other team tried to score a goal and Rosie stopped it. We then had a break.

Match 3 Spencer Tigers V Richmond, 2 - 1

We won 2- 1. Daisy and Francesca scored the goals. If I could say players of the match I would say they were Rosie, Francesca and Daisy. It was so so hot on the day as it was so sunny.

by Lauren Shaw

Spencer Falcons

A perfect sunny Sunday morning to go up against Richmond. The Spencer Falcons were in high spirits to take on the Richmond Leopards, Lions and Tigers.

Spencer started strong in the first game and kept Richmond Leopards busy defending in their half, almost throughout the whole game.
The Leopards defended well but were overwhelmed by the Spencer attack with the game finishing 3-0 to the Falcons following goals from Molly (2) and Jenna (1). A great start.

After a short break, the Falcons went up against the Lions. A bigger cat and the game reflected the step up. Again Spencer pushed forward strongly with a number of close misses. Eloise finally put one in the net giving the Spencer Falcons the lead. Molly got injured after being hit in the foot with a stick and Daisy was able to stand in to keep up the pressure. Spencer Falcons secured their second victory 1-0. An excellent win.

The final game against the Tigers was exciting! A well balanced match with both sides taking the opportunities to break from defending to attacking. The match ended a draw at 2-2 with goals from Spencer's Molly and Luisa.

Well done girls, a very good performance. Sunday's don't get much better.

by Jenna Khan

Spencer Lacewings

Game 1. Won 2-1

It was a lovely sunny day and a great pitch, and we got off to a flying start with a 2-1 win. Charlotte broke away and scored the first goal, and Millie knocked in the second. Poppy was all over the pitch, tackling and passing really well, with excellent defending from Flora too.

Game 2. Lost 0-3

We lost to a really good side, but the game was closer than the score suggests. Ella had a fantastic game and Lana defended really well too but unfortunately we couldn’t stop them scoring their goals.

Game 3. Won 2-0

We were really tired as this was our third game in a row. The whole team played brilliantly and we could have scored a few more, but they saved some shots on the line. Charlotte scored another breakaway goal, and then Rosie intercepted and scored in the last minute.

by Millie Thorpe

Spencer Fireflies

We lost one 4-0, second 2-1 and then drew 0-0.

First game was tough but we improved a lot in the second. Holly scored a goal with a long run up in second game. We fought hard in the last game - Ella and Ingrid did some super defending. Tabs did some very good passing and tackling as well.

by Holly Sheldon

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Amanda's avatar

Amanda Lyons

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Well done U9 girls. You have learnt so much this season, great hockey and some great passing, awesome.

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