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Sun, 26th Jan 2014 13:30
Spencer Hockey Club
Spencer Girls U9
Wimbledon U9 Girls
  • Lauren Shaw
  • Daisy Pickering
  • Holly Sheldon
  • Jenna Khan
  • Ella Rees
  • Francesca Boardman
Spencers Lions

Our team was Lauren (captain), Ella, Freya, Ingrid (GK), Iris, Juliet, Bini and Molly.

Spencer Lions v Wimbledon
Result 0-2

Wimbledon scored in the first 5 mins despite Lauren’s attempts to tackle them. They then tried to score again but their goal was brilliantly blocked by Iris and Ingrid the goalie. Iris was then substituted for Bini and despite her efforts to support Ingrid Wimbledon scored another goal.

Ingrid then blocked another attempted goal and Lauren took the ball up to the Spencer end of the pitch but when it came back down again it was expertly stopped by Juliet and Ingrid.

Ella defended well and Molly stopped a ball heading for another Wimbledon goal and Lauren and Juliet took it up to the other end but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to score.

Spencer Lions v Wimbledon
Result 1-3

Becca our coach told us to remember our positions for the next match and we managed to score a goal. Wimbledon were trying to defend their goal which was being attacked by Lauren and she flicked the ball towards the goal and we watched it trickle into it despite Wimbledon’s best efforts to stop it.

However Wimbledon were still very good at attacking.
Freya and Ingrid saved their first attempt at scoring and their second was prevented by Molly who kept her stick down and took the ball up to the other end. Ella, Freya and Iris did some super passes to Lauren but she was tackled. Wimbledon shot towards the goal but the ball was blocked by Freya and Molly.

Juliet took the ball and did some really good stopping but was tackled by a girl from Wimbledon who was then tackled by Bini who got the ball back but then it was the end of the match.

Spencer Lions v Wimbledon
Result 1 - 1

We kept our spirits up and went on to our third match. Juliet was playing very enthusiastically and stopped the ball whenever it went near Ingrid who did some fantastic goal keeping work too.

Molly did some great attacking and mid field work but unfortunately her ankle made contact with the opposition’s hockey stick and she hurt herself so had to leave the game.

The Wimbledon attackers were still finding new ways to score and managed to get through our defense despite some great stopping by Lauren, Juliet and Iris and some good passing by Ella, Bini and Freya.

Spencer Lions v Wimbledon
Result 0 - 3

We missed Molly’s hockey skills for the fourth game and were all a bit tired and cold by now.

Wimbledon kept scoring and although we tackled the ball from them they always seemed to tackle it back!

Our targets should be to spread out and tackle and not stand around with our sticks in the air. If I had to choose a player of the day it would be Juliet who took the ball more than anyone else. Lauren was a great captain who gave us encouragement and did the cheers for us at the end.

By Bini Jones

Spencer Coyotes

The girls played extremely well in the horrific weather. We had 4 very good games - we drew 2 and lost 2.

Daisy and Holly scored 1 goal each. There was very good defence by Charlotte and Willa. There was good sweeping from everyone and very good passing.

I loved everyone's marking and everyone kept on smiling despite and rain - well done to all the girls.

By Emily Campbell Lambert

Spencer Tigers

Daisy Smither, Ella Howarth, Ella Regan, Jenna Khan, Lizzie Hill, Luisa van Dijken, Millie Thorpe, Molly Parfect

Spencer Tigers V Wimbledon Amazons won 1-0

Jenna scored a great goal early on in the match. Wimbledon then kept on attacking but we defended really well with Jenna, Millie and Luisa doing some great work. Wimbledon had good stick skills, but we kept on tackling and used space well.

Spencer Tigers V Wimbledon Robins lost 0 -1

Wimbledon started off really strongly and straight away hit the post and then hit another shot wide. On their third try they scored.
Ella did a great tackle to save a certain goal.

Wimbledon Robins were a strong team with lots of skills , but we played really well in defence to keep the score line low. We never gave up even though it started to pour with rain.

Spencer Tigers v Wimbledon Swallows lost 3- 4

This was a really close game with lots of goals. Spencer started with a two goals from Luisa. The first was after a great pass in from Jenna, and the second was a solo goal with Luisa running nearly the length of the pitch.

Daisy saved a goal from Wimbledon, but shortly afterwards they did score.

We went 3-1 up with a goal from Jenna, but sadly Wimbledon then scored two goals close together to make it 3-3. It looked like it would be a draw but Wimbledon managed to score an amazing goal right at the end.

Spencer Tigers v Wimbledon Swifts lost 2 - 0

By now everyone was getting a bit tired and very wet! Wimbledon scored a goal early on. We defended well, particularly Ella who worked really hard. Sadly Wimbledon then scored a 2ndgoal, but we didn’t give up.

We all did three cheers at the end and had a chocolate for playing so well.

By Molly Parfect

The Spencer Falcons
Charlotte Smith, Eloise Broyden, Flora Scott, Francesca Boardman, Polly Campbell (Captain), Rosie Jankovich, Rosie Roberts (GK) and Tabs Wells. Our super manager was Justine who helped us with our positions and cheered us to the end.

The Spencer Falcons V Wimbledon
0 - 1

The wind blew but the Falcons entered the first game enthusiastically against Wimbledon. It was a close game, with great defending from Spencer. There was no clear advantage to either side and some great tackling by Polly. Unfortunately Wimbledon managed to get away and created a goal after 10 minutes. There was a near miss by Spencer and the game ended at 1-0 to Wimbledon.

The Spencer Falcons V Wimbledon
0 - 2

A quick goal within the first 30 seconds caught the Spencer defence off guard closely followed by another tapped in. Spencer had a few chances, Francesca missed but it was so close After that, Spencer gained momentum and held the score at 2-0 for the rest of the game. Great defending and attacking couldn’t change the score.

The Spencer Falcons V Wimbledon
3 - 3

A few position changes and Spencer settled in and started really playing as a team. Outstanding play in defence by Tabs and Polly with Eloise, Charlotte and Francesca up front. Rosie was amazing in goal and Tabs and Flora were a solid strong midfield. Spencer had their first goal disallowed, a close call but the referee defended this call. After that, there were a series of goals by both sides, leaving a final result of 3-3. All Spencer goals were scored by Francesca but the team played great with all players participating in a fair but slightly disappointing draw. Spencer thought it was the best game yet.

The Spencer Falcons V Wimbledon
0 - 0

We thought the sun had made a breakthrough, but no, the floodlights came on for the final game of the day. Our goals were all disallowed and it was a strong Wimbledon team, but strong defence by Polly, Flora and Rosie in goal kept the score at 0-0.

Great team effort to hold 2 draws after 2 defeats !

By Eloise Broyden


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