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Sun, 24th Nov 2013 10:00
Reeds School
Surbiton U9 Girls
Spencer Girls U9
  • Daisy Smither
  • Tabs Wells
  • Erin Dost-Doak
  • Daisy Pickering
  • Francesca Boardman
  • Rosie Jankovich
  • Luisa van Dijken
  • Ingrid Spencer
  • Lana Krens
Spencer Springboks

The Springboks had a great morning of hockey this morning against Surbiton with every single girl putting their all into the games.

Match 1 vs Surbiton Owls
1:0 to Spencer. Some great attacking from Molly and nice passing from Charlotte and Lauren. Lovely play from Rosie and Erin in defence and some good interceptions from Ella. Goal was set up by Ella and scored by Daisy.

Match 2 vs Surbiton Hawks
0:1 to Surbiton. Nice tackling and defence from Rosie and Tabs with Rosie saving a near goal. Molly, Erin and Lauren had some strong play up front. This was a hard game and we were narrowly defeated.

Match 3 vs Spencer Coyotes
2:1 to Spencer Springboks. Both goals were scored by Tabs and there was some lovely defence from Charlotte with great tackling by Molly.

Match 4 vs Spencer Lions
1:1. A lovely goal which was scored by Erin. This was a very close game and all of the girls fought hard.

Match 5 vs Surbiton Eagles
0:8 to Surbiton. By this stage the girls were feeling tired and this was a tough game with some great play from Surbiton. Ella, Molly and Daisy in particular showed some determined attacking play.

By Ella Rees

Spencers Lions

Our team was Millie (captain), Jenna, Francesca, Rosie, Daisy, Ella, Bini, Flora, Willa. Manger Amanda. We did a warm up first it was a very cold morning. We went to our manger she told us which pitch we are going to play on first and the each of our positions for the game.

Spencer Lions v Surbiton Hawks
Result 3-3
The first goal was scored by hawks. Daisy scored an amazing goal set up by Jenna.The hawks scored 2 more goals it was good fight back by spencer team to score 2 goals to made it 3-3. Daisy getting her 2nd goal and me my first. Ella did some strong stopping in front of the goal.This was a close competitive game.
At the end we did three cheers for the hawks.

Spencer Lions v Spencer Coyotes
Result 4-1
Coyotes had green bibs. From the start we were able to pass towards goal and took an early lead with a Daisy goal. Good passing between us all meant we spent a lot of time at the Coyotes goal and Daisy got 3 more goals. The Coyotes kept trying hard with some strong tackles. They broke away up pitch towards the end and scored a good goal by Luisa right at the end.

Spencer Lions v Surbiton
Result 1-6
Surbiton started strongly and scored two goals although we were all trying hard. We attacked their goal and scored by Francesca. They had good skiils which meant they scored from difficult chances to get up to 6 goals. We were disappointed but had all worked hard and nobody gave up.

Spencer Lions v Spencer Springboks
Result 1-1
This was a close game and springboks had two good attacks before we got a chance at their goal. We took lead with goal from Francesca. Flora did some great pass . Willa did good mid field play. Game was end to end but we held on and Bini made a good tackle to stop one attack. Right at the end Springboks got a goal to leave the game.

Spencer Lions v Surbiton
Result 3-2
1st shot from Surbiton hit the post before they scored. Good defending from Ella again and passing down the line from Millie. Rosie scored a great goal from the restart. After a battle in the surbiton D they got a second goal. Good passing from Jenna and Daisy meant we could even the scores. We kept going and scored a final goal. We all then had to defend like mad to stop them scoring so we could win.

Well done spencer lions!!!!!!

By Francesca Boardman

Spencer Coyotes

Match 1 - 5-0 loss, Juliet was a great defender saved some goals.
The girls got off to a slow start in the freezing cold, a 5 – 0 loss against Surbiton, Juliet defended really well though.

Match 2 - 3-1 loss, Luisa did a great job dribbling. Against Spencer.
The second match, a 3 – 1 loss against Spencer, saw our first goal scored by Luisa who also had some great dribbles.

Match 3 - 2-1 loss, Ingrid scores a goal.
Ingrid scored a great goal in the third match, a 2 – 1 tight loss against Spencer.

Match 4 - 2-1 WIN, Luisa, Lana score a goal. Poppy saves 3 goals.
The fourth match against Surbiton was the highlight, a 2 – 1 WIN against Surbiton, with fine goals by Lana and Luisa. Poppy was tremendous in goal and save at least 3 goals!

Match 5 - 2-0 loss, better position play.
The girls were a little bit tired during the last match a 2 – 0 loss against Surbiton, but the position play was getting better and better. All in all a fine performance.

By Lana Krens


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