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Sun, 3rd Mar 2013 12:00
Battersea Park
Spencer Mixed U8
Surbiton U8 Mixed
  • Rosie Jankovich
  • Noah Joseph
  • Holly Sheldon
  • Arthur Ewins
Spencer Hares

I was in the Spencer Hares, and I was with Daisy, Zac, Poppy, Rosie J, Luisa and our team manager was Justine, Rosie’s mum. I thought that Zac and Luisa played very well on our team, Zac did lots of running and Luisa did lots of passing very well. On the other team there was a girl called Lauren and a girl called Poppy, so that was a bit confusing.

Then my stick felt a bit funny, and I realised that the top bit where you put your hands, had unravelled. Then we had to get tape, my dad always keeps special tape in his bag. Now there is a black chunk at the top of my stick.

The first match we played was Surbiton A and they won 1=0. Secondly, we played Surbiton B they won 4=0. Third we played Spencer Swordfish and we won 1=0, and Rosie scored the goal. Next we played Spencer Leopards who won 1=0. At the end we had chocolate.

See you at Spencer, bye bye.

Lauren Shaw

Spencer Leopards

We were a great team. We had some great shots at goal, and also saved a lot of goals.
Surbiton did seem to be a bit stronger than us, unfortunately we to lost to them. We had a lot of good players and made a very
good team. Amelia was especially good in atttack, and Flora was one of the best sweepers I've seen!
I can't decide between Amelia and Flora for 'man' of the match - so will make a double man of the match!

Game 1 vs Spencer = 0-0
Game 2 vs Surbiton = 0-2
Game 3 vs Surbiton = 0-5
Game 4 vs Spencer = 1-0

By Noah Joseph

Spencer Falcons

We had a great day at Battersea Park and all the Falcons played really well and we had lots of fun. Although we did not score any goals we defended well - Polly, Ella and Willa were great in goal and defence. Jenna, Luca and myself found great space and there were some good runs and passes. We drew 0-0 with the Leopards and Luca nearly scored. We were unlucky to lose against Swordfish 2-0 but Polly was a star in goal because she did not let many goals go in the goal. The two Surbiton teams were very strong and they scored some good goals although Ella did some great saves on the line.

By Millie Thorpe

Spencer Swordfish

I played for the Spencer Swordfish team with Arthur, Charlotte, Rosie, Holly and Liberty.
We played 4 matches, and we won one, lost one and drew two.
In the first match we played Surbiton B and the score was 0-0.
There was good defending by Charlotte and Rosie made a good save.
In game 2, we played the Spencer Falcons and we won 2-0.
Holly scored two great goals.
Next we played Spencer Hares and we drew 1-1.
Arthur had lots of shots at goal and scored a good goal for us.
Our last game was against Surbiton A and we lost 2-1.
I played as goalkeeper and saved a good shot. Arthur scored a great goal.

Overall I think we played really well as a team.

By Erin Doast-Doik


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