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Social hockey is there (and free) for all junior hockey volunteers and parents of all junior members and all junior members from U16s and above.

Spencer Social hockey is open to all genders, all ages, and all levels of skill and/or fitness. So you are radiantly fit and have an Olympic hockey medal on the wall? Join us! You haven't played in 30 years or your knee hurts a little? Join us! You never played before, always watch your kids and want to find out how to hold a stick? Join us!

Social hockey is also fully geared up to all our busy London lives: it's run on the lowest commitment possible.. I send an email round every week, and you decide then and there if that Friday suits you or not. If yes, press the green button (pre-filled email pops up) or reply 'yes' to my email. New week, new decision.

On the night, bring a dark and a light shirt (so we can make recognisable teams), stick, shin pads, mouthguard, and above all a smile! We get together at 20:00, start play at 20:15, and play for about an hour..

On occasion (traditionally at half-term and some other holidays), we allow players younger than U16 to join, this is by invitation only..

People from outside Spencer who are looking for social hockey can also get in touch with me to join, they can trial a few sessions, and then pay a small contribution each term towards the astro hire - so please feel free to forwards this mail to your friends / colleagues / family members with a hockey past, present or future :).

We play every Friday, throughout the year, provided I get a minimum of 8 players on the evening (and further depending on frost, natural disasters or royal decrees).


What to bring with you
most importantly a dark and a light shirt (so we can see who is on what team)

your widest possible smile

a stick (duh..)

we are nice people, still mouthguard and shin pads are recommended
Who can play with us
We welcome any age (i.e. anyone U16 or over; invited teams (e.g. U14s); and at half-term we often open for younger players

We welcome any gender, Friday Social Hockey is happily mixed and inclusive

We're open for any level of skill and fitness, from 'none whatsoever' via 'didn't play for 30 years' to 'Gold medal at the Olympics'
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