Spencer Hockey Club

Alumni 1995-2000

Alumni 1995-2000 Did you play hockey at Spencer during the years from 1995 to 2000?

Get in touch with us, as we'd love to invite you back for old boys and girls events.

Do you have any old photos that you don't mind sharing?

Email us at membership@spencerclub.org

Do you remember any of these people? Do you know where they are now?

Men's 1/2

Alex Anich
Bill Aston
Ian Bateman
Peter Bell
Andy Bilsland
Chris Bloor
Alex Bock
John Boumphrey
Charlie Brougham
Steve Burns
Ali Carrington
Dave Churton
Phil Clear
Rob Easton
Thomas Gower
Stuart Gray
Miles Harris
Mike Irvine
Rupert Kirby
Adam Laird
Ricky Leaver
Chris MacFarlane
Trent Milner
Andrew Newton
Jason Ng
Tim Palmer
Jas Panesar
Phil Penton
Pierre Phillipps
James Piachaud
John Pratt
James (Rookie) Rooke
Rob Salter
Julian (Jules) Skinner
Andy Thompson
Tim Way
Tom White

Men's 3/4
Tom Adams
Chris Baker
Alex Bangert
Iain (Barney) Barnett
Simon Beckett
Tom Berry
Nick Bilsland
Richard (Rich) Boldy
David Burns
Myles Bush
Ben Bye
James Cheesman
Adam Cole
Ben Cullen
Stuart Dawkins
Steve Deadmon
Andrew Ellerton
Ciaron Fitzpatrick
John Fletcher
James (Joel - Jimmer?) Garner
Tom Godber
Iain Gray
Will Greswell
Will Holder
Nick Jacob
Robin James
Venn King
Toby Larman
Nick McLean
Sebastian Merriman
Ajay Missan
James Parker
Tremayne Parvin
Nick Percy
Ben Pile
James Routledge
Mark Routledge
Raymond Seager
Alastair Smith
Nick (Smithy?) Smith
Jon Stenner
Anthony (Tony) Stokes
Andy (Midge) Thomas
Justin Upton
James Warren
Nick White
Richard Womack
Giles Worrall
Toby Yonge
Roger Young