Spencer Hockey Club

Summer League

Summer League
Spencer HC's Summer League is back for 2017!

After a some needed pitch renovation, we are back to our full timetable.  Running the usual mixed 7-a-side league, men's 7-a-side league and ladies' 7-a-side league open to members and non-members. Each league will contain 8 teams - so secure your spot early (spots are only confirmed once payment has been received and confirmed).

To enter, download an entry form and return to Myra Sae-Heng at spencersummerleague@gmail.com.

Payment in full will be required 14 days before start of the league.

General Rules for All Summer Leagues:
  1. Leagues of 8 teams over 8 weeks will follow a round robin format.
  2. Games are 25 mins each way. Two games are simultaneously played at 7:30pm, then another two at 8:30pm - ie every team plays each week.
  3. 3 Points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  4. Leagues will run in two sessions.  
    a) Two mixed leagues running on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11th April – 31st  May 2017 (8 weeks).
    b) Three 
    leagues running on Mondays (ladies), Tuesdays (mens) and Wednesdays (mixed) from 12th June – 2nd August 2017 (8 weeks).
  5. Umpires provided.
  6. Free (small) Jug of beer/shandy for each team each week.
  7. Cost is £360 per team per 8 week league.
  8. Venue: Spencer HC, Fieldview, Earlsfield, London, SW18 3HF

Additional Rules for Mixed Leagues:

  1. 7-a-side no GKs or kicking backs. A minimum of 3 girls on pitch at all times.
  2. Played on half a hockey pitch, with small Ds.
  3. No hitting anywhere on the pitch.
  4. No penalty corners, instead a free hit at the closest point 5 metres outside the D is awarded.
  5. No penalty flicks. A penalty goal is awarded if a defensive foul in front of goal stops an otherwise certain goal being scored.
  6. New rules apply.

Additional Rules for Men's and Women's Leagues:

  1. 7-a-side, fully kitted GKs compulsory.
  2. Played on half a hockey pitch. Full sized Ds.
  3. Penalty corners awarded in normal way. 2 players on the defending team must stand in the opposite D.
  4. New rules apply.