Spencer Hockey Club


Spencer Hockey Club was founded one balmy evening in September 1905 by J.E.Wood, H.W.Wheeler, S.R.Lewis and J.S.Pike, four refugees from the disbanded Clapham men's club.

They achieved great playing success up to the outbreak of war, when almost the whole membership volunteered for active service. For a short period during wartime, women were permitted to represent Spencer. However, the Club was to remain an all-male preserve for another 75 years before common sense finally prevailed.

After the war, Spencer was depleted in terms of numbers but acquired a reputation for playing with huge enthusiasm, irrespective of results. The Club began to attract several star players, including A.D. Ogilvy, captain of England. In 1938, The Times reported:

"On their play on Saturday, Spencer can be ranked as the best club side in the South."
In the mid-sixties the men's first team won The Sunday Telegraph pennant. During this period, the Club also managed to attract a number of exceptional Asian players and the blend of styles proved unstoppable. In 1974, under Jas Missan, Spencer defeated Southgate 1-0 in the London League final and for a fleeting moment, we could claim to be the finest club side in Europe.

As hockey switched from grass almost exclusively to Astroturf, the senior men's sides lost some momentum. However, the extraordinary impact of the women’s section, founded in 1989 by Helen Williams, made us stronger than ever socially.

While Spencer has never had a millionaire benefactor, we have been blessed with individuals prepared to go beyond the call of duty to sustain the Club: Lewis, Mager, Grover, Edgley, Dallimer, Taylor, Fowells, Davis, Adams, Maskell, Dorrell, Panesar, Hawes; and in recent years, Lesley Gairns, who's been instrumental in getting the club to take a more professional approach to facilities, coaching, youth development and fitness.

On the 14th October 2005, Chairman of the Spencer Club Tochi Panesar released this momentous statement:

"I am delighted to announce that yesterday evening the planning committee of Wandsworth Borough Council approved the redevelopment of the Openview site adjacent to Fieldview. At long last,we shall have an astroturf pitch!"
Today, the Club is thriving on all fronts. In the words of former Honorary Secretary W.B. Mager:

"The history of the Spencer Hockey Club should stand for all time as a monument to what can be accomplished by one or two enthusiasts, who, having made up their minds to start a club, henceforth do not rest until they have achieved success."